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Open House? We want to help.

Make Your Next Open House Twice As Successful With VIP Mortgage Group.

As a realtor, you know that Open Houses are a fantastic way to market a property and attract potential buyers. But have you ever considered partnering with a loan originator to co-host your event?

Here are just a few of the benefits: Half-price marketing materials Your loan officer co-host will likely have access to professionally-produced Open House flyers and marketing materials, which can feature photos and a description of the property. By splitting the costs 50-50, you can save money while still providing an effective take-home for visitors. Safety in numbers While Open House events are generally safe, having a loan officer as a backup can provide added personal safety, especially in less populated areas. They can even help you go through every room and closet of the house before and after the event. No lonely visitors When you team up with a loan officer as your co-host, they can greet visitors at the front door, offer refreshments, and make a positive first impression. This ensures that no visitors feel neglected and your event will be remembered as the place where they received twice the attention. Be the hosts with the most Partnering with a loan officer and providing visitors with extras like refreshments and complimentary financing consultations will make your event the first one that more prospects choose to attend. This sets you apart from other Open Houses in the area. Stay online all the time Even if your cell phone or tablet dies, you can rely on your loan officer to have backup technology available to keep you connected to your seller, look up information online, and keep you safe. So if you're looking for a way to enhance your Open House events and make them more effective, consider partnering with a loan officer as your co-host. Together, you can offer potential buyers a unique and memorable experience that sets your property apart from the rest. It could be the key to securing a quick and successful sale for your clients.

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