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Homeownership Dreams Achieved
with ONE+

We know that the down payment is one of the biggest obstacles home buyers face when they can otherwise afford a mortgage payment. ONE+ allows you to get a mortgage by putting as little as 1% down. Combined with a 2% grant from VIP Mortgage, you start with 3% equity. Mortgage insurance is not charged to you.

ONE+ By VIP Mortgage Group

An affordable loan option for qualifying clients. Clients pay a minimum of 1% down payment and the remaining 2% down payment will be covered along with mortgage insurance.


  •  Min. credit score required: 620

  •  Min. client down payment required: 1%

  •  Income Limit: 80% area median income (AMI)

  •  Max. loan amount: $350,000

Get More With ONE+

With ONE+ from VIP Mortgage Group, you put 1% down and we cover 2%
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Does ONE+ sound good to you? You can apply online or give one of our Home Loan Experts a call at
(407) 544-4618

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